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TRYNOX stainless steel filters and strainers offer: sanitary, efficient flow design; flexibility in installation; and quick and simple clean up. Filters provide a reliable way to removing fine particles from liquids. Filtering media must be removed and disposed periodically. Strainers, on the other hand, are coarse filters that remove larger particles. The straining mesh can be reused after cleaning. Sanitary filters and strainers also are available from 1" to 4" tube O.D. sizes in SS316L or SS304 material, Surface finishing 180 Grit ID/ 150 Grit OD

These filter and strainer types are designed primarily for removal of particles of various sizes from a product. They are not intended to remove odors or impurities. Capabilities may vary according to line pressure, product viscosity, size and amount of particles in product, etc. Make sure to protect unit from damage when used with high flow or positive pump by using pressure relief system.