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Trynox was founded 2004 At Panama to serve hygienic supplies as stainless steel valves and fittings for food, beverage, Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry along Central and South America’s countries.

Two years ago Trynox has being moved to Miami FL, USA. To improve our shipment services. There we start researching in to our products looking for better fittings performance making emphasis in sanitary unions to make easier operator handling.

Our compromise with quality and traceability as a very important factor to warranty a truly sanitary products itself.


About Us

Our organization, located in Miami, Florida, is dedicated to design and manufacture fittings and accessories for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

Making emphasis in sanitary fitting accessories and couplings performance research, to improve ergonomic handling, searching for the best way to get keyless fittings as well.

Continuously studying connections and accessories to find out their impact into the sanitary manufacturing processes so we can innovate with products more efficient and easier to operate.

We have commercial partners in Latin America and United States, we keep contact with our end users, to get their feedback regarding our product performance to provide the best technical support and a high value-added products.

We understand the material quality and traceability are very important factors to offer a truly sanitary product for production processes which are very sensitive to any contaminant agent.

Some of our customers are: Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Heinz, Kellog’s, Coca-cola, Pepsico, Gatorade, Cervecería Polar, Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis General Mills


Use our creative capacity to improve our surroundings, loyal to our values and caring about the environment.



In Trynox we want to be the best innovative solutions provider that add value for our costumer’s processes to allow them reach their market demand for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, distillery, brewing and chemical industry.


Innovation: Always exceed the expectations

Integrity: Belive in our people and in our customers

Motivation: Push ourselves to make a positive difference at TRYNOX

Balance: Your life, Family, Environment and work